Welcome to HSK’s skating schools

Helsingfors Skridskoklubb rf offers figure skating lessons to children and adults.

Our skating school is the perfect place to start practicing your skating skills with trained instructors.


NEW SKATING LESSONS in English for beginners.


Lessons are for beginners and for those who already know their way on skates. Children can come with or without their parents and adults with or without their children.
Lessons take place at Helsingin jäähalli practice rink on Sundays at 12:45-13:30.



Children 155 €/ spring season + club fee 35 € and licence + insurance 11 €.
Child + 1 parent 230 €/ spring season + club fee 2×35 € and licence + insurance 11 € for a child. Insurance for an adult can be purchased separately if needed.
Adults 190 €/ spring season + club fee 35 € + licence 25 €. Insurance for an adult can be purchased separately if needed.


HSK’s skating schools take place all around Helsinki

All of our skating schools are easily accessible by bus, metro or tram. Check out the info in times, places and prices (teaching in Finnish).


skating schools per week




skating instructors

Skating schools for children

You can join our skating school even if you can’t ice skate yet.

All of our skating schools follow the same curriculum during the season and trained professionals account for the instruction. Skating skills are trained by playing and by using different teaching methods. We get familiar with the elements of ice skating with basic exercises. By the end of the season, all of the turns, spins and jumps are already well-known.

We start with basic skills and the instructors will divide the children into groups based on their age and skills at the first ice session. We train in small groups in a safe and positive learning environment.

Moving forward from skating school

After skating school, HSK offers excellent opportunities to continue with the sport. If you get excited about ice skating, you have the possibility to move forward to our advanced skater’s groups. Our coaches follow the improvement of the children and move them upwards to the next skill group when necessary, even during the season. Our skating instructors will let you know more about them, just ask if you are interested in those groups.

Kuva: Johannes Ollikainen

Skating school for adults

Even adults can start skating. In beginner’s groups you learn the basic skating skills and in advanced groups skaters are learning more challenging skills. 

Any questions regarding our skating schools?            Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Email: (for avoiding trash mail the @-sign is replaced with #)

Phone: +358 40 198 2397

Office hours during weekdays: 9.00 am – 14.00 pm

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